Ellips is a leading provider of grading and sorting technology for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry.  The company’s True Sort EQ technology gives customer the ability to grade and sort based upon the External Quality of each piece of produce while a companion product, True Sort IQ, utilizes infrared technology to assess the Internal Quality of the fruit or vegetable.  The use of these technologies can dramatically reduce operational costs while ensuring that the highest quality product is delivered to the market.

Elisam, a sister company, designs and manufactures related equipment such as the Gran Torino grading machine which is integrated with Ellips electronics to provide a complete grading and sorting solution.  By delivering industry leading functionality and performance, Ellips and Elisam continue to differentiate themselves from the competition.  For example, the True Sort IQ system delivers far superior detection of internal quality issues such as browning in apples or rot in onions while the Gran Torino grader delivers the unusual combination of gentle handling characteristics and unmatched durability even in the most difficult environments such as onions.

Since its inception in 2014, Ellips USA and its partners, including Durand Wayland, JDC Packing Solutions, GP Graders and Korblu, have delivered over 45 systems to customers across North America.  The Ellips and Elisam solutions are being utilized to grade and sort apples, onions, cherries, pears, dates, citrus, pomegranates and blueberries.

Worldwide, the company has nearly 3,000 systems installed with approximately 150 new systems being delivered each year.  Companies around the world are increasingly finding their way to Ellips.  “This is due in particular to our focus on grading and sorting software,” says Managing Director Erwin Bakker.  “The key differentiator of our solutions is the Ellips True Sort software which is uniquely powerful yet easy to use.  Our EQ and IQ solutions can be deployed on our Elisam sizer or retrofitted on virtually any other sorting machine.”

Companies that choose Ellips can grade and sort fruit and vegetables – from apples to cherries and onions to asparagus – by virtually every detail.  “This means our customers can sort their products based on weight, size, color, external quality and internal quality. These capabilities, which far exceed inspection done by the human eye, enable Ellips users to save time and money in the sorting process while packing exactly what their customers want.”

John Albert who has worked with Ellips for more than six years is the General Manager of Ellips USA. John can be reached at:

+1 (206) 915-4962

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