Growers and packers know they must meet the required standards for quality, size, shape, color, and overall appearance. Especially when you aim for international markets you will face increased complexity due to the greater variety of customer requirements. If you provide high-quality produce, you will enhance revenues, customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you are consistent, you will be the winner with an excellent brand reputation. As you know, a lot of factors can have an impact on the quality so guaranteeing it can become increasingly difficult.

How can you ensure that you still (continue to) meet all customer demands?

Ellips TrueSort grading software

The operator's life can be challenging; different batch quality, multiple produce varieties, and strict customer demands. Ellips TrueSort software is designed to be user-friendly.

What are the operators benefits of TrueSort?

✅ More control over the sorting process

✅ The amount of work is reduced

✅ You can work faster to process all orders and reach all targets on time.

and flexibility....


Growers have the challenge of serving customers with different grading and packing demands. International growth and a greater variety of export requirements increases the need for control and flexibility.

The flexible TrueSort software makes it easy to grade dynamically based on your customer needs. With the Pack2Spec capability, you have maximum control to adjust your settings per exit to serve specific customers. This enables you to respond quickly to ever-changing demands and gives complete control over your sorting lines.


How can you get better insights on the quality of your batches?

Obviously, you want to be able to make operational decisions with confidence. So you want the most relevant information quick and easy in a visual overview.

How TrueSort software helps you with this essential data?

✅ For each batch, you can see the percentage of defective produce, waste and the distribution of different quality aspects.

✅ You can incorporate data from your sorting process into dashboards or ERP systems.

✅ You are able to make a selection and easiliy sort according to your customer's requirements

Ready to revolutionize your business?

  • Maximize throughput with less labor

  • Improve quality consistency

  • Get the most value out of each produce

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