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Delivering consistent quality, on time and at the best price. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers great opportunities to ensure superior quality at great speed.

The next generation of grading driven by the power of AI

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Innovations cannot stop. The next generation of grading is called True-AI. You can now update your grading machine with this new deep learning software. Dozens of growers already use True-AI for dates, apples and onions. Now it is also available for cherries and blueberries.

Why is True-AI changing the game?

✅ Outstanding grading improvements of hard-to-detect defects such as:

Cherries: black rot, fresh cracks and cracks within the stem area.

Blueberries: dehydration (shrivel), cracks, stem tears and mold.

Onions: fusarium, misshapen and root tear. 

Apples: stem bowl cracks for all different sizes, shapes and colors. 

Dates: all severities of loose skin and yellow cap, even on multi-colored dates. 

✅ With grading performance moving towards 100% detection accuracy, you can fully trust the grading results. 

Operator’s tasks will be less complex and more automated. Less operator input is required because our True-AI software has been trained to find defects all on its own. 

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Why do leading companies choose Elisam and Elifab grading machines?

1. Maximize throughput with less labor

Every produce count, every single minute of grading is important – it’s why Elisam and Elifab are built for speed and exceptional capacity. Such huge throughput will transform your business productivity, profitability and reduce dependance on labor.

 2. Meet all demands with maximum uptime

The machine must keep running at full speed. You want a reliable grader who knows what it's doing to meet all customer demands with accurate defect detection.

3. Consistent quality is everything

By consistently achieving your client’s quality requirements every season, it takes your reputation to the next level. With every fruit or vergetable graded correctly, you’ll maximize the return on each harvest.

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Let's talk about the latest developments to expand your business potential.

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